Friday, April 29, 2011


We had a great Easter weekend at the lake.  As soon as we arrived Friday, we tested out the cooling vest & it worked.  Trace was able to play outside - yay!  He played in the lake, which was way too cold for me, but he loved it.  Peyton brought a friend and they also braved the cold water. 

The bunny was generous this year and brought lots of goodies & a paddleboat, which the kids really enjoyed. 

Trace tired himself out quickly & went to sleep about 6:30, with no seizures, and only woke up about 4 times!  We all enjoyed another day of fun Saturday.  Trace had a really hard time falling asleep and had seizures on Saturday night.  This is the first time he has had more than one seizure since adding the Clonazepam.  I really want the Clonazepam to work, I can't stand watching him have seizures, and the regression that they bring.  His development has been great since the seizures have subsided.  He's even said some new words - school, splash & roar!  He woke several times and was up early Sunday AM.  We went to church, which was nice because we haven't been in a long time.  Trace does not do well in church, he doesn't like to be in a loud or crowded environment, stinking autism!  Thomas & Boompa traded off taking him outside because he would just cry.  We did keep him in long enough to go to communion and receive a blessing though.  Trace napped and then we had lunch & the egg hunt.  He woke up pretty tired and was not getting around so good for the egg hunt.  He decided to drop the basket and crawl.  I piled a few eggs in front of him so he didn't have to work so hard.  He didn't much care about the eggs - but loved to smash the half melted chocolate inside & lick it off his fingers!  Peyton had to take care of hunting the rest of the eggs for him - what a sweet Sis!

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