Friday, April 1, 2011

Finally Rested

After some very sleepless nights this week, Trace finally slept last night only waking twice – yeah!  He’s been doing so much better this week.  His appetite has increased and I think we have the med adjusted correctly so he’s not waking up all night wanting to eat/drink.  His eye has healed without any infection and he hasn’t even bothered it too much.  I’m surprised, but so thankful.  He has had only a couple of seizures this week.  I’m so happy the Clonazepam seems to be working, at least for now.  Wearing my blue today to support autism awareness for my baby boy and all others with autism.
Peyton made Varsity Cheerleader!  She is so excited and Thomas & I are so proud of her.  She’s really an amazing cheerleader and has so much school spirit.  She worked hard to earn a spot on the Varsity squad and I think it’s a great accomplishment for an incoming sophomore.  I can’t wait to watch her at Friday night games. 
I’m really excited about this weekend.  We are going the UMDF Houston Chapter Mito Family Conference at Morgan’s Wonderland in San Antonio.   Morgan’s Wonderland is a park designed especially for special needs children.  Trace is going to have so much fun!  I have been looking forward to meeting more families who are affected by mitochondrial disease.  And of course to see my mito friends, who I don’t get to see very often because of our crazy busy lives.  I even have a nice surprise for everyone thanks to my wonderful friend Brandee. 

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