Thursday, May 19, 2011

Good Immunology Visit

Trace had a visit with his immunologist this week - and we received good news!  His titers are up after the Pneumovax shot he received in March.  I was so relieved because this shot was the reason Trace was in the ER last and really wanted it to work.  Vaccines scare me, probably because one day after receiving his 12 month vaccines Trace started having seizures and our whole world changed.  I know he needs them and understand why they are so important.  Having to watch him have multiple seizures and high fever for days isn't exactly easy though.  But back to the visit.  Trace was having tummy troubles accompanied by non-stop crying and screaming.  Thomas & I held him down so she could check his ears, nose & throat - he wasn't having any part of that, but I don't blame him.  Thomas had to take Trace out so Dr. P & I could hear each other talk.  Dr. P felt so bad for him.  I assured her it wasn't her fault and we discussed how good all his labs looked - yeah!  Trace was feeling a little better after riding the elevator several times (and stinking it up, which all other passengers probably thought was Thomas).  Dr. P and I thought it was very funny and she reminded Thomas not to do it again when we left.  She cracks me up!  It's not very often we get to leave the medical center with good news, so it was a really great day for us.  In other good news, results came back from the genetic labs for cystic fibrosis and he tested negative.  Good news twice in a week - truly amazing!

That evening Peyton was presented an award at school for UIL Oral Reading: Poetry.  We were so proud as she is only a freshman and competed against freshman - seniors.  She had to read four pieces of her choice with expression and differentiate her voice for the characters.  She loves to perform and it shows.  It was very special because one the pieces she chose was written by someone with mitochondrial disease.  Tomorrow she's having a movie night, which means lots of teenagers at our house, kind of scary, but they always make us laugh.

Some pics for your enjoyment from last weekend

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