Monday, August 20, 2012

Special Needs Equipment

Last week at Trace's doctor appointment it was discussed that he needs a medical stroller and bigger bed.  Trace has officially grown out of his baby stroller and crib.  Shocker I know since he is almost 5 years old.  I'm happy to see that they have lasted this long!  It's just not safe for him to be in either anymore.  I will be honest and admit I knew it was coming, but was putting it off as long as possible.  I've always thought if I put if off just a little longer Trace will be able to get himself around good & learn to sleep in a normal bed.  It's the part of me that yearns for my little boy to have a normal life. 

The medical stroller must last for 5 years.  You just don't get to decide you don't like it and go out and buy another.  Well I guess you could if you had a few thousand $$ to throw around.  This means I have to think about what may be 5 years from now.  That's scary.  The fact is he may need extra equipment by then and the stroller must be one to accomodate those needs and grow with him. 

The decision on which bed to pick is easier.  The Sleep Safe Bed seems to be our best option.  It will safely contain him, is equipped so oxygen use is not a problem and doesn't look like an animal cage.  Our biggest decision with this is where to put it.  As of now, his crib is still in our bedroom.  It's just the easiest option, as Trace wakes up at least 3 times a night.  I don't think the bed will fit comfortably in our room.  So we have 2 options:  (1) move Trace to his room or (2) add on to our bedroom.  I'm going to move him to his own room as it's the most sensible/easiest option.  I know it will be hard for me as I'll be walking up and down the house several times a night.  Sounds lazy, but I already know how hard it is with him in my room - especially on those nights he's up 7 times! 

I pray all of this works out and I make the right decisions.
Hope, Love, Courage &Faith,