Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

We had a wonderful Easter weekend celebrating with our family.  The weather was beautiful and thus we spent copious amounts of time outdoors.  Trace enjoyed hunting eggs this year.  It was his first time ever to hunt eggs by himself.  Last year he just couldn't, crawled to a couple of eggs and then just sat in the grass dazed.  It made my heart so happy to see him enjoy the egg hunt and of course the candy!! 

Friday Peyton, Bebe & I went shopping.  We had a great time together.  I love when Peyton & I can have girl time together!!  Thomas and Mister went out to visit his family and enjoy a crawfish boil & fish fry.  They spent the day riding the "Choo-Choo", swimming and swinging.  Trace came home extremely tired, but I guess all that fun is hard work! 

My two handsome guys

Check out my muscles!

Look who's swinging on the big swing!!

Saturday was spent with my family.  An egg hunt, lots of time in the bounce house, relaxing on the porch and great food.  Trace and his cousin had a great time boucing & egg hunting.  So much of a good time that Trace was so worn out he wanted to sleep by 6:00.  It was a wonderful day - wonderful memories made.

Sunday we went out to my grandparents farm to spend the afternoon with my extended family.  It was a georgous day again.  We haven't been to this family gathering in a few years - mainly because of Trace's health.  It was really nice to see everyone again. 

We ended Easter with a small egg hunt of our own.  Trace was a little worn out after all the weekends fun, so we all sat in the backyard and enjoyed some great photo ops.

Hope, Love, Courage &Faith,


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