Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Medical Update

Yesterday Trace had an appointment with his mito neurologist Dr. K.  We had a few changes to discuss since we saw her last - regression of physical capabilities, absence seizures and some other small stuff.  Dr. K had Trace walk up and down the hall to see how he was doing.  Trace just sort of shuffled his feet along, not exactly the best way to walk.  She was concerned about the regression and development of new seizures.  We are not sure at this point what could be causing these changes.  Dr. K ordered a MRI of the brain to see if it could tell us more.  I hope it doesn't.  Trace had an MRI about 3 years ago that was normal.  Dr. K said children who have a normal MRI usually never have to do another.  However, with Mito kids that's not the case.  He will be put under anesthesia for the test and I know he will do just fine.  Our little Mister is so strong and brave. 

This MRI scares me - not the test itself, but the things it could bring.  Things that have always been in the back of my mind.  Things I know are a very real possibility one day.  Things that are my worst fears for my son.  But for now I will tuck all those bad things to the back of my mind and enjoy life.   Live life to the fullest extent every day and don't hold anything back - yesterday that was about going to the park and seeing the joy on my childrens faces. 

Trace was a little reluctant at first

but then SisSis got him going

and going

then Trace decided he could tackle the stairs himself 

and even ride the big slide!  That's my brave little boy!

Hope, Love, Courage &Faith,

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