Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Yucky Bug

Last week was a good week which ended on a very sweet note of Trace getting to play with his best buddy, who also has mitochondrial disease.  They are so cute and play so good together.  They have their own wordless language and make each other giggle over & over.  Those giggles are so contagious!  What a great Friday with great friends!

Then came Saturday.  Started off great, shopping & lunch with Peyton & her best friend.  We even found a dress for her sweet sixteen party!  It was a fun trip.  Trace hung out with his Deda and I returned late afternoon to a happy little boy.  One hour later - not so happy.  Trace started having diaherra, which I thought nothing of because it happens a lot with him.  Just bathed him, mopped the floor, threw clothes in wash, all the fun things that come along with his tummy troubles.  Next on my to do list was meds and bedtime.  Two seconds after taking all his meds, they came right back up.  He was already acting gaggy when eating dinner and I was thinking to myself "where's all this gagging coming from, maybe reflux?".  He seemed very tired, so to the rocking chair we went.  Much to my surprise 10 minutes later he vomitted - and not just meds this time.  Along with that came another messy diaper.  So here goes the cleaning of another mess, this one even bigger than the last.  Thank gosh Thomas was back home to help with this one.  After cleaning messes for a couple of hours, poor Trace was getting worse and worse.  So off to the ER we went.  Arriving 1 1/2 hours later he was immediately taken back in the ER (one perk of mito, no ER waiting room).  About 45 minutes later the ER doctor informed me Trace would be admitted.  He was severly dehydrated, lethargic, running fever, still vomitting and of course having seizures.  He received two different antibiotics and IV fluids until Monday afternoon.  He finally was able to get off fluids and we could take him out to play in the hospital.  Trace was in the hospital from Saturday evening until Tuesday afternoon fighting this nasty bug.  It hit him so hard and so fast it was scary.  Unfortunately for Trace his body just can't fight illness like others. 
Here are a couple of hospital pictures from last week.  As Peyton said - only Trace could have fun in a hospital.

Hope, Love, Courage &Faith,

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