Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Busy Busy

I would love to tell ya'll how the rest of our summer is all about relaxing and lounging around, but oh would that be a lie.  Looking at my colorful calendar, I'm amazed at the small amount of space left to enter another "thing to do".  Yes, I color code the items.  It's my crazy organizational personality.  My husband likes to call it something else, which we won't post here, but I'm sure you get the point :-)  The next four weeks leading up to school are so busy.  They're packed with 5 doctor appointments for Trace, 6 therapy sessions for him, 8 cheer functions for Peyton and 10 musical rehearsals for her, amongst a few other things.  Can we say overwhelming!  If not for the help of my amazing mom, I don't know how I would accomplish all of this without losing my mind (even with color coding).  So to say the least, no big vacation plans for the rest of the summer.  It has been great so far though.  Most importantly we've been able to spend time with family and friends, some who we rarely get to see.  There's also been lots of swimming (thanks to Mister) and enjoying the experience of visiting a new place.  I hope everyone has had some time to relax and enjoy the summer as we have. 

We saw Trace's ophthalmologist last week and she wants to wait to remove the chalazion.  She's concerned with the risks of anesthesia for him.  Sounds terrible, but I want it gone now.  I just know my boy and it's not going to go anywhere.  So we play the wait and see game, which lasted 3 months last time. 

When you lay your head down tonight, I ask you please say a prayer for my Trace and all those affected by mitochondrial disease.  Thanks for all your prayers and love for our family.

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